The 11th DLI ‘Family’ Grows

On 1 February 2012, I gave a talk to the members of the City of York and District Family History Society. Wanting to throw out a bit of a challenge, I included at the end of the talk reference to the experience of Lt Raymond Bushell being taken prisoner. Bushell was one of the war’s survivors and returned to York to run the family business making agricultural machinery. I wondered if there were any descendants still around. Thanks to contacts made through the audience I have now met two of Raymond Bushell’s grandchildren – and discovered that I already knew one of them! It is a small world.

More importantly it illustrates that there is still material out there relating to the First World War in private hands but of public interest. I now have a copy of the Graudenz PoW camp newsletter for 12 November 1918 revealing that the inmates had full details of the terms of the Armistice that came into force the day before.


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