Getting Ready for Another One

July 1917

At the beginning of the month 11 DLI Pioneers were at Domart, resting, training, drilling and otherwise refitting and getting ready for their next assignment. Reinforcements arrived – an officer and more than 70 men. Half a dozen men with an NCO went off to do haymaking for a local farmer, which must have made a pleasant change from the usual work. The leave quota was lifted to 46 men at a time.

At 8.15 am on the 20th July, the battalion met the train at Doullens, which they loaded completely in 65 minutes flat (A, B and D companies). C Company and the transport followed on a later train. By midnight the battalion was encamped at Proven (in the Ypres Sector), where they spent the rest of the month undergoing more drill, training and parades. There was a final parade and inspection ‘in battle order’ on 30 July at which point all leave had been suspended.

The CO had received instructions in Operation Order No. 58 for the battalion’s next major assignment, commencing the following day. Overnight, the battalion was moved to Canada Farm.


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