Remember Danny Lister

Of all the guys from 11 DLI who lost their lives 100 years ago in September 1915, perhaps the most poignant is the case of Daniel Lister. Private 17430 Daniel J Lister served in the machine gun section of C Company. It is probably fair to say that he was a ‘bit of a lad’, as he would have been described in his home town of Wingate in County Durham. During training in the UK he was confined to barracks on at least four occasions for overstaying passes and being absent from parades. It was in the pursuit of his laddish behaviour that, sadly, he was to lose his life. The events happened in the trenches near Laventie and are vividly described by his comrade Robert Bennett in a letter home:

There was a lad killed in No 2 section he belongs to Wingate it was his own fault he was getting pears about 100 yards behind the first line trench a sniper fired 10 rounds at him and he come away. He went back and was hit in the head with the 11th. He is some relation of Catherty they call him Danny Lister. He only lived a few minutes.

Danny lies buried at No 1 Cemetery, Rue du Bacquerot in the village of Laventie, not far from where he fell.


Danny Lister’s Grave




2 thoughts on “Remember Danny Lister

  1. My great grandar was called danny lister who died in 96 in trimdon village. I know he moved from trimdon colliery as my gran was growing up. Wunder if this was his dad or uncle

    • I have spoken to my gran she says my grandar was from wingate but his dad was alive but thinks its her great uncle. Abit more info would be great thank you

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