April 1919

11th DLI began the month of April 1919 with a nominal strength of 13 officers and 128 men, and a ration strength actually at Grenas camp of only 7 officers and 84 men. Mostly the men were involved in salvage work of one sort or another, interspersed with inspections and drill. On 4 April, five of the remaining officers and one other man left for demobilisation. The officers were Captain J Liddell, Lieutenants FG Andrew and AC Lynch, and 2nd Lieutenants CH Bonson and RB Masham. Of these only Captain Liddell was an old hand, having joined the battalion on 20 September 1916 as a 2nd Lieutenant.

One day the men would be lifting and salvaging railway track; another day they would be clearing camp buildings or readying them for the numerous inspections. If the weather got bad things were so lacking in urgency that work was cancelled such as on 12 April. That would never have happened in war time conditions. There were sports competitions in progress and the battalion team beat that from 11 King’s Royal Rifle Corps on 15 April and went on to win the finals of the Divisional sports on 23 April. On 19 April, Lt JH Anderson and 43 men set off to join 63rd Prisoner of War Company at Rouen, while 9 men were transferred temporarily to the Ordnance Depot at Calais to join the Royal Army Ordnance Corps. Two men went back to the UK for re-engagement leave as they had decided to join up as regulars. Huts were being boarded up and the camp progressively cleared, with remaining kit being overhauled.

At the end of the month the nominal strength was only 8 officers and 57 men, with a ration strength of 4 officers and 33 other ranks actually in camp. One of the four officers was still Lt Colonel Carlisle, the CO.