March 1919

Throughout March 1919, 11th DLI was stationed at Grenas. The war diary for the month demonstrated very clearly the way the battalion had been depleted and the limited work that could now be done. The greatest part of their activity was ‘adjusting billets’, storing Government furniture and checking equipment – all followed by numerous inspections, almost on a daily basis. Activity was interspersed with voluntary church services on Sundays, and occasional fatigue duties, mainly repair work on huts and salvage duty. Once a week small batches were sent away to the Demobilisation Centre – nine men on the 7th, 12 on the 14th, six on the 28th. One man attested for the Regular Army on 30th March. On the last day of the month, attention was turned to the wagons, getting them fit for duty. Ration strength at the end of the month was down to seven officers (including Lt Colonel Carlisle) and a mere 84 men.