January 1919

The final few months for 11 DLI on the Western Front were spent in the same area around Grenas. Though the battalion was being wound down, there was continuous coming and going of recruits and officers. Some attention was being paid to the idea of the men returning home and finding work, as was evident by the presence of an Education Officer giving training in clerical work such as shorthand and book-keeping. Otherwise it was mainly a mixture of work on detachment, constructing new stables or working at Hurtebise Farm under Royal Engineers (presumably clearing the land of expired ordnance and other war detritus). In between was a great deal of drill, parade ground work of a ceremonial nature and the like. There were plenty of classes, a recreation Nissen hut was built, and various platoons were sent off on ‘Divisional Wood Fatigues’ at Pas. The month ended with a battalion Ceremonial Parade. Activity and smartness seem to have been the watch words.

Among the ‘goings’ were Major JG Taylor (MC) and 4 other ranks (5 Jan), Captain A Floyd and 2nd Lt RH King (MC) and 23 other ranks (15 Jan), Major RLS Pemberton (MC), 2 Lt TT Firth and 25 other ranks (18 Jan), 2 Lt AH Ainsworth and 26 other ranks (20 Jan), 2 Lt (RE) C Smith and 24 other ranks (21 Jan), 2 Lt W Lazenby and 23 other ranks (22 Jan), 2 Lt J Martin and 26 other ranks (26 Jan), 2 Lt SH Davis and 40 other ranks (27 Jan), and Lt BH Wood and 24 other ranks (28 Jan). Ration strength at the end of the month was 25 officers and 294 other ranks, though 23 of the latter joined during the month!



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