Final Public Talk on 11th DLI

My last public talk on the 11th Durham Light Infantry took place in York on Saturday 12 January 2013. It was an excellent turn-out at the Yorkshire Branch of the Western Front Association and they gave me a great reception. I hope they enjoyed the talk as much as the applause at the end seemed to show.

I have now sold out of my personal stock of the book, and the publishers no longer stock it, but it can still be bought from on-line sellers. I have had the publishing rights returned to me by the publishers, which frees me up to do something different with the material in the future and lifts any contractual restrictions on what I put on this blog site.

Will I do further talks? Definitely not on the subject of the battalion history as such, but I won’t absolutely rule out doing talks on the general issue of grassroots study of the First World War – at least after a few months’ rest and the chance to work on some of my other projects. And I will continue posting material on this site from the battalion war diary as well as some other features yet to be dreamed up!


One thought on “Final Public Talk on 11th DLI

  1. I have photographs of the Evenwood men TW Applegarth and TH Dunn. Their families helped with my book, “Evenwood Remembers”
    Kevin Richardson, Evenwood

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