Short-sighted Publisher

Readers familiar with this blog will note that the link to the book publisher has been removed. Thanks to an observant friend, I discovered that copies of the book were being sold on line for less than I was being charged as an author for copies. Two emails remained unanswered, while a letter got the information that the book had been remaindered after one year, in April 2012. There was also the lame excuse that a letter (one of an ‘en masse’ mailing) they sent inviting me to purchase stock at an increased discount must have ‘got lost’ – in other words they cocked up but haven’t the decency to own up. I am now in dispute with the publishers as I believe they are in breach of contract.

In the run-up to 2014, when interest in WW1 will be at an all-time high … I despair! However, I shall continue my work with this website and continue to do what I can to make sure the men of 11th DLI, and their families and the communities they came from, continue to be remembered – at the going down of the sun, and in the morning.


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