11th DLI Roll of Honour Complete

I am pleased to announce that the research into the names of individual men who served with 11 DLI, in so far as it has proved possible to date, has been completed. There is now a complete list from A-Z under the ‘Roll of Honour’ tabs. That is my contribution to Remembrance this November, 2012. If anybody can add any information, do not hesitate to contact.

From next month, I will continue to add monthly updates based on the Battalion War Diary, as well as any other general news or interesting stories that deserve greater prominence.

I have also removed the ‘Addendum’ page, which contained only a reference to Paul Allan. Now that the Commonwealth War Graves Commission have corrected their entry to show that he served with 10/11 Highland Light Infantry, not 11 DLI, this information has become redundant.


Men who passed through

If you ever visit the National Archives and work your way through the names of men listed in medal registers for the Durham Light Infantry, you will quickly notice that many of them passed through various battalions at different times of the war. Among them, some men served in 11 DLI on more than one occasion for short periods. One such example has just been added to the Roll of Honour under Letter ‘P’. Private 11759 John William Palmer died in Lichfield Military Hospital in 1920, accredited at the time as 1st DLI, but had spent various periods with 10 DLI, 8 DLI (T), 3 DLI and 11 DLI as well as attached to Depot.

Short-sighted Publisher

Readers¬†familiar with¬†this blog will note that the link to the book publisher has been removed. Thanks to an observant friend, I discovered that copies of the book were being sold on line for less than I was being charged as an author for copies. Two emails remained unanswered, while a letter got the information that the book had been remaindered after one year, in April 2012. There was also the lame excuse that a letter (one of an ‘en masse’ mailing) they sent inviting me to purchase stock at an increased discount must have ‘got lost’ – in other words they cocked up but haven’t the decency to own up. I am now in dispute with the publishers as I believe they are in breach of contract.

In the run-up to 2014, when interest in WW1 will be at an all-time high … I despair! However, I shall continue my work with this website and continue to do what I can to make sure the men of 11th DLI, and their families and the communities they came from, continue to be remembered – at the going down of the sun, and in the morning.