More names added to the Roll of Honour

I am pleased to have today added names beginning with ‘S’ to the roll of honour pages – a significant number over two separate sub-pages. Included among the names is Private 17982 Fred Smith of Bishop Auckland, about whom I have only recently heard, as a result of contact from his grand-daughter. Amongst what he has left to the family are a number of significant mementoes and this has prompted me to start a new page, probably in a month or two, in which I will figure some individual members about whom we know more than appears just in official records, with photos where available. Meanwhile the public talks have finished for this year, at Sedgefield in September, but the next one will be in York, at the Western Front Association meeting on Saturday 12 January 2013.


2 thoughts on “More names added to the Roll of Honour

  1. Dear Mr Bashforth

    Delighted to see that you have a link to NEWMP on your Website. I was the Treasurer and Webmaster for NEWMP for several years but am now concentrating, under the NEWMP umbrella, on the Memorial History of 70th Infantry Brigade 1939 – 1944, which of course includes 11th DLI in its Second World War incarnation – and in which my late father served.

    You may be interested to have a look at the “work-in-progress” at

    I am currently documenting the 11th DLI War DIary for 1940, covering the period during which the Brigade was defending South Devon.


    John L Dixon
    Lead Researcher
    70th Infantry Brigade 1939 – 1944

  2. Good to hear from you John and good luck with your new project. If 70 Brigade was part of the 50th Northumbrian Division, then my father, Ray Bashforth, was not too far away from yours. He was captured at Mersa Matruh in June 1942 when busy preparing dinner for the lads. He spent a while in an Italian PoW camp at Sulmona, escaped in September 1943 and made his way back to the Allied lines with the help of some local people (whom I have since met up with).

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