One year on the Western Front

July 1916 represented the first anniversary of 11 DLI arriving on the Western Front and found them newly stationed on the Somme after the worst experiences of the British Army so far. July 2012 represents my getting past the half-way mark in publishing the Roll of Honour, as I now have covered letters A to O. The latest list includes one of those cases where the attribution of a man to 11 DLI is disputable. Charles Oddy, from Armley in Leeds, originally served with the West Yorkshire Regiment, but found himself transferred to DLI and may have moved between the 11th and 14th battalions. While the ‘Soldiers Who Died’ database lists him with the 11th, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission correctly lists him with the 14th Battalion at the time that he was killed in action. In the absence of his service records, this is one of those army careers around which there remains something of a mystery.


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