September 1915

The battalion spent their second month on the Western Front in the Laventie sector, gradually moving from a base area near Fleurbaix, to one based at Estaires. They continued with a mixture of general Pioneer work, overnight trench work to improve fortifications, assisting with tunnels and mining alongside 173rd Tunnelling Company and the 181st Mining Company, and unloading barges on the canal side. For their pains, they were sent a letter of appreciation from the Corps and Divisional Commanders. There was a steady stream of training, which also involved periods in the trenches as infantry, with an extended tour in the lines at the end of the month. Meanwhile drafts of new men kept arriving from the reserve battalions (16th and 17th DLI), many of whom were not considered fit for Pioneer work. The new additions nevertheless helped to fill the gaps left by a slow accumulation of men being wounded and killed.