More names, more discoveries

The Roll of Honour page now contains all the names of 11th DLI men for the letters A and B, spread over four pages for ease of browsing. New information keeps coming my way at regular intervals. The latest piece of such magic has been the emergence of the diaries of Sergeant George Richardson of C Company, 11 DLI. He only served with the battalion until October 1915, being transferred to the Army Service Corps as a driver in support of artillery batteries for the rest of the war. He kept a personal diary from just before he went overseas that is full of names and little stories: including incidents with his friend Sergeant Arthur Appleby. George was from Consett, survived the war, and kept many personal mementoes that are now being brought into the public domain by a grandson. This very morning I was sent a copy of the latest find: a postcard photograph of Lance Corporal Harry Seggar, who was reported missing in action 28 March 1918. Between now and 2014, we can expect the emergence of many more mementoes like this.


One thought on “More names, more discoveries

  1. Good morning. I am trying to find more information about Harry Seggar born in Croft, near Darlington in 1889 who was the youngest brother of my great-Grandmother, Rosie Davison (nee Seggar). My Grandmother would very much like to find out what happened to her Uncle. She tells me there is no grave and she believes that he may have volunteered to take a message across No Mans Land and was killed there. From childhood she remembers a citation and medals but the only thing we have left is a large copper plaque with Harrys name on it. Can you help?

    Granny would be very pleased (as would I) to know a little more about Uncle Harry and you might be able to provide more information. Thanks.

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