DLI Museum Talk and Book Launch

The book 11th Durham Light Infantry: In Their Own Names will be formally launched at the DLI Museum in Durham on Saturday, 14 May. The launch will be accompanied by a talk by the author, using extracts from more than eighty letters and personal records of more than 350 men who served with the battalion. The talk is at 2 p.m. and there is an entrance fee payable to the Museum – which helps with the upkeep of the museum. I hope to see you there!


One thought on “DLI Museum Talk and Book Launch

  1. I have recently,with the help of a friend,transcribed the the diaries of my Grandfather Cpl George Richardson of the 11th Battalion DLI Pioneers.which he kept during his five years on the Western Front.
    I have read you book and made some fascinating comparisons between my Grandfathers accounts and those recorded in the regimental diaries and by the more elevated and better informed officer ranks.
    I would like to compare notes with you as I think there is an interesting version of your book which could be interspersed with this more mundane account of a soldier’s war
    I hope to hear from you soom

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